Monday, 18 April 2011

Vintage Candle

Hasn't it been a lovely day, I have been inside all day having a huge clearout of the spare bedroom, so when i eventually walked to the PO to post some orders, I couldn't believe how warm it was, let's hope it continues all week.
I have a welsh dresser in my dining room and was bored with all the bits and bobs that i had on it so i decided to embellish it with all vintagey type things, here is a candle that I have altered. (sorry the lights not very good).

The pearl type things I got from Dunelm and just pulled them apart, there are loads and loads on one stem. I have little glass jars of vintage type buttons, distressed wicker hearts and all sorts of scrummy things on there, it can be easily changed when I get bored again!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I know it has been a while!!, we have had a lovely 6 day break in Paris, DH ran the marathon, the weather was so so hot, he finished it in 4hrs 20 mins although he was a little disappointed as he wanted to finish it in under 4 hours but due to how how it was he couldn't manage it. We also had a day a disney which is always fantastic and a few days sight seeing.
We are also off to London today to watch the marathon, let's hope it is not as hot as it was in paris for the runners.
I will be back later with a few recent makes.
Have a good day.